Chess Club

Lake Charles club is a Chess Club based in Louisiana and is also a part of Lousiana Chess Association. We are also listed as one of the official registered club partners of this association and we are mentioned in their website. The name Lake Charles was given to this club is because of the location. The club meeting takes place some where around Lake Charles in Louisiana and thus the name Lake Charles Chess Club was given.


The members of the club meets every week on Thursdays. The meeting takes place at Saint John Lutheran Church from 6:30 in the evening to 11:30 in the night. The address would be 600 university drive, lake Charles, Louisiana. You can alternatively also contact Sam Breaux if you are interested. The best way to connect would be if you can join along at the church on a Thursday evening. Come and meet the chess players directly. It will be a lot of fun competing here with so many players.

Learn Chess

Are you new to Chess? There are many ways to learn playing chess: is a free website that allows anyone to play chess online and compete with millions of players worldwide. There are many players from beginners to great ones who are online on the website all the time competing with one another. If you also wish to play a game of chess with random opponents, then this is the place to be.

Chess Books Do you have a library in your local neighborhood? If yes then go there today and get yourself some of the beginner chess books and those books will fully explain to you what chess is and how it is played.  The beginner chess books are easiest way to learn to play this game.

Chess Videos – Head over to google and type learn chess videos. Or head over to the YouTube directly and search the same. In today’s world people believe more in videos than text and thus you will have a far better understanding by watching chess tutorial videos. Let these videos guide you to become a better player of chess and let you compete and beat ordinary chess players.

Tutor – There is always a chess coaching classes happening in every city. Find out about your own city and if there are classes being held, then better to go and join one. The best way forward is to directly learn from the experts because there is no better way than to have someone in front of you explaining you what to do and what not to do. I recommend you finding out about chess coaching and join it immediately.

Small Chess Video – Get Started: