No Chess Only Pool

Today’s Twitter is trending with this hash tag #NoChessOnlyPool. It seems that the latest trend in the world of real gaming is only playing pool and not playing Chess. This is really disheartening for the people who love playing Chess. We have often said that Chess is a game of mind and it involves a lot of thinking. But it seems that public are being convinced that a game of Pool is more interesting as it also involves mind and a lot of thinking. Due to these brainwashing by some people, nowadays more people are opting for Pool than for Chess. This is bad for business, specially ours as we are a blog based on Chess.

We are going to convince people that a game of Chess involves one’s mind a lot more than Pool as Pool is a lot more about thinking and aiming and Chess is involving a lot of critical thinking and at every minute. One minute if you stop and don’t think, you lose. Who can process their mind power more will win the game of chess, so it is more critical in terms of brain development. People who are better at chess are better at a lot more things as their mind is very sharp. So we are going to trend #OnlyChessNoPool.

Nevertheless you must  understand how did pool become so famous these days. It is all because of 8 ball pool, an online mobile phone game that is played by many players world wide. It is a game that was developed by a US company and it became so famous that everyone wants to play only this game. It is also the #1 game in the android play store and it has been so for a very long time. It makes a lot of money for the game developer and thus you can expect such large scale promotions. With so much money involved, people like us have little chance to influence the public.

We have got various reports that in this online game of pool, many players are also cheating. They are using some kind of 8 ball pool hack coins script that ensures your account with a lot of surplus coins and cash items. Those cash and coin items can be utilized in buying a lot of game items that can make you a better player over all. Now imagine if you purchase something that helps you better aim in the game, so you will obviously do better than someone who does not have a privilege like that. Never the less we are seeing all options and deciding what next.